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At STANDECOR we specialise in exhibition stall design and fabrication trade fairs, congresses, shopping centres or events. With 25 years of experience, we have been committed to innovation for years.
We have a wide range of machinery, as well as our own workshops for woodwork, electricity, signage, metalwork and painting.

The design stall, manufacture and assembly of stands are carried out in our workshops in Barcelona, but the assembly service is national and international.

The materials most used Exhibition Stall Design and fabrication are:

There are many types of stall design, however most are made of wood or aluminium. Because they are the best options for building and manufacturing a stands and greatly improve your company’s image at the event, fair or shopping centre.

And always using top quality materials.

Our goal is based on the final result of customer satisfaction. Therefore, the raw materials must be of the highest quality.

Therefore, the choice of materials must be optimal, because otherwise it will result in the construction and manufacture not meeting the agreed requirements.

It is never recommended to use low quality materials to reduce costs, since this can extend the construction period and make the stand lose some functions and design possibilities.

High resistance aluminium for modular, shell scheme, mixed, reusable stands or manufacturing of stands for shopping centres.

For the design stands we always use wood from sustainable forests, melamine, HPL (What’s the difference?)

In addition to textiles, methacrylate, Pegasus panels, Alocubond…

An endless number of alternatives in constant evolution that allow the freedom to create the design of a stand that best suits the required needs.


Exhibition Stall Design and fabrication

You will always be advised throughout the process

At STANDECOR you will always be advised throughout the process.

We select the best material to use depending on the location of the event.

The first thing is to know if the stand will be indoors or outdoors.

Another point to highlight is to know the assembly regulations. For example, if the stand requires fireproof or waterproof wood, follow the regulations of the fairgrounds or convention centers.

There is always an interesting way to reduce costs to Exhibition Stall Design and fabrication.

If you work with a company like STANDECOR and that has its own facilities to work in the construction and manufacture of exhibition stands, then you will obtain economic benefits.

Remember that in this way you will not need to rent storage during the whole process of creating the structure or frame.

In this case, everything will be easier. You will hire the stall according to the established requirements. We will always deliver it to you within the specified time and obtain the relevant cost reduction.

The most important part is the carpenter’s workshop. We are carpenters and joiners. Essential for the manufacture of design stands.

Carpentry is the trade of working, cutting and carving of wood and its derivatives.

Their work consists of cutting, moulding and manufacturing wooden parts for the construction of houses.

There is a carpentry of the assembly, destined to the construction of frames; of workshop, dedicated to doors, windows and similar; and of furniture, whose object is to elaborate home furniture with common woods.

This is where carpenters come in to make a customized booth or manufacture stands for shopping centres

Much more specialized were the carpenters dedicated to making carriages and boats, which today are almost abandoned, as the wood has been abandoned to make these elements.

On the other hand, the cabinetmaker is the carpenter specialized in the elaboration and design of furniture, with higher quality woods.

Woodworking is one of the oldest human activities.

Exhibition Stall Design and Fabrication around Europe

Each culture and region has different ways and tools to work with this material.
We have adapted our extensive experience in carpentry to the design, construction and manufacture of exhibition stands, offering real solutions.
Because the obstacles that can arise during the manufacture of stands are many and varied.
We always provide the quickest and most appropriate solutions both at the fair and in terms of delivery times.
If you wish, you can contract our “turnkey” service and we will take care of the analysis of your needs, starting with the design, its manufacturing process, its transport and logistics. And of course the assembly and disassembly of the design stall.

And of course as the decoration and furniture you need.

We offer national and international coverage and work in every country in the Europe.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a stands for MWC, Fitur, Seafood Global, ISE, Alimentaria, Cevisama and more...
At Gran Via Exhibition center Barcelona, Bilbao Exhibition Centre, IFEMA Trade Fair Madrid, Feria Valencia.