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Specialists in custom trade show booth. Manufacture,
construction of design booths and assembly of design booths

At STANDECOR our DNA is the custom trade show booth … we make the design, manufacture, construction and assembly of booths. Specialists in booth design and assembly of booths at trade fairs. Because the booth at a trade fair is the king of decoration. At trade fairs or
events, are the representation of your brand, company or product. The design booths for trade fairs attracts us, captivates us, generates great satisfaction and very great sales possibilities, and thus manages to attract many visitors,
both suppliers and customers or potential buyers. Booth design is a task that is carried out by booth designers, architects and interior designers.
We offer a comprehensive service, turnkey exhibition stands.booth

The processes for custom trade show booth

We carry out the 5 necessary processes to make your participation with a booth at a trade fair a total success:

1. Design of custom trade show booth

In exhibition booth design, one of the main objectives is to create great visual effects. We are experts in stand booths, and we can offer guarantees of satisfaction for the needs and expectations of customers. With our experience in the assembly and design of stands, we know the facilities and infrastructure of many conference and exhibition centres and the space for holding exhibitions. Because we know in advance the advantages and limitations of each space, this greatly facilitates our work and the success of your participation.

2. Manufacturing of custom trade show booth

We manufacture and produce in our workshops all the elements and products necessary for the good development of the project. We mainly work the design booth. Which use wood as the main element. And to a lesser extent, but not less important, the modular or shell scheme stands made with aluminium structures. Increasingly, glass and printed textiles are being introduced.

3. Build of custom trade show booth

We build the custom trade show booths mainly with wood that comes from sustainable forests with FSC or PEFC certification. It can be used in different ways to build the trade show booth, either to make other elements, or to develop the construction project itself. An element that can contrast well with other materials and can be easily combined with almost all textures and colors. And it is a natural material that can
to be used in the construction of treated or untreated stands depending on the desired effect and also renewable and biodegradable.

4. Set up of custom trade show booth

Our crew and our logistics allow us to carry out the assembly of custom trade show booths in optimal conditions, because the experience acquired during years facilitates all the work related to the management of fair services, permits, among many other conditions. The assembly of a trade show booth is the most critical part, because you always have very little time for its realization, an average of 3 days. That is why it is essential to trust a company like STANDECOR so that there are no surprises.

5. Dismantle of custom trade show booth

Well, at this point for the dismantling of a custom trade show booth, it would be the opposite of assembly. But there are some peculiarities. Normally there is only 1 day to do it and we have to manage with the client that elements you wish to recover for reuse. It is very important to carry out within the deadlines set by the organization. Otherwise, the fairground or exhibition centre will generate a fine if the dismantling in time. And very important, to manage the dismantling in a sustainable way.


Very few companies in the sector have the operational and technical capacity to carry out the 5 stages required for trade show booth, by themselves. Because you will always work with our workshops and our staff.

Save time and money and you won’t have to wait for the answer from the different intermediaries, when you require design booth.
You will never again hear the excuses or phrases so common that a subcontractor always says:


1. Wait for me to ask the carpenter who is making the stand. We are the carpenter.
2. They will look to see if there is any carpet left to repair the broken piece. We are the carpet installer.
3. I am waiting for the electrician’s answer to put the LEDs on the design booth. We are the electrician.
4. The sign-maker says he will come to the exhibition booth when he finishes with other customers. We are the signmaker or printer.
5. The painter will come tomorrow to the booths, now he is finishing other works. We are the painter.
6. I will send you photos of the manufacture of the booths. We are the manufacturer.
7. I will send you a video, as soon as I can, of the design and assembly of booths. We are the assembler.
8. Now I talk to the transport company to find out if the truck has left. We are the transport company.

If you are looking for a specialist in design stands or designer booths, you have come to the right place.

Exhibition Stall Design and fabrication
3d exhibition stall design


Booth design requires special attention and care. Because they are the image of your company at a fair, congress or event. Thousands of people will see the result of the custom trade show booth. That is why at STANDECOR, we take care of people and companies.

We don’t just offer stands to exhibitors, we provide real solutions to customers and people. Because attending a fair is, for a company and above all for the marketing director, a hard job.


Also with many hours of dedication, responsibility and perseverance, with all the departments that have to coordinate to achieve a good and perfect stand design.

The trade show booth must be worked on with constancy and control in order to arrive at the trade fair in perfect condition.

With us you only have to worry about your daily tasks.

Because we are here to be your right-hand man. We will help you and manage the points you need help with. Advising, for example, what space is right for your company’s interests. Therefore, we will be there to manage the trade fair services, because we work on them every day. We will also show you the evolution of manufacturing. We also send images or videos of the assembly of your custom trade show booth, for your peace of mind.

3d stall design

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a stands for MWC, Fitur, Seafood Global, ISE, Alimentaria, Cevisama and more...
At Gran Via Exhibition Center Barcelona, Bilbao Exhibition Centre, IFEMA Trade Fair Madrid, Feria Valencia