At Standecor we are specialists in stand design and stand manufacturing. The design stands and the assembly of stands in trade fairs or Congresses, is our DNA.

Our service is turn key solutions

We offer the 5 necessary processes for your participation in a trade fair or congress, be it a total success:

1. The design of the stand

2. The manufacture of the stand

3. The construction of the stand

4. The assembly of the stand

5. Disassembly of the stand.

Very few companies in the sector perform the 5 stages themselves. In addition, you will always work with our own workshops and teams.

Because we don’t outsource.

Save time and money, you will not have to wait for the response of the different intermediaries.

You won’t hear the excuses or phrases so common that a decorator or subcontractor always says:

Wait for me to ask the carpenter who is making the stand. We are the carpenters.

The carpet installer will see if he has any carpet left to repair the broken piece. We are the carpet installers.

I am waiting for an answer from the electrician. We are the electrician.

The signer maker says he will come when he finishes with other customers. We are the sign makers and printers.

The painter will come tomorrow, now he is finishing other work. We are the painters.

I will send you photos of the manufacture of the stand. We are the manufacturers.

Now I will talk to the transport company to find out if the truck has left. We are the carrier.

If you are looking for an ephemeral architecture specialist, don’t waste any more time, contact us now.