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What are booth design?

The booth design are the maximum expression of the ephemeral architecture in a fair, trade show, event or congress. It is the point of sale or exhibition of your company or brand in a fair, congress, event or exhibition. Therefore, it is a laborious work that includes a very wide range and variety of modalities, because you have to create an idea, design, decoration, manufacture and construction. Above all the assembly and obviously its disassembly, which is why it is called ephemeral architecture.
There are many types of stands or points of sale: wooden, with an aluminium structure, with textiles, with inflatables, with glass… but the king is the design stands that complement many materials, concepts and construction techniques to impress the visitor.

The main function of a exhibition booth is to communicate visually with the commercial strategy of the company or brand.
To improve the general communication by creating an attractive and fluid atmosphere at the point of sale… Because it is important that the design stands manage to reflect not only the concept of the company but also its commercial objectives and its vision for the future.

stall design

Key elements in your booth design to achieve success in your participation.

Through the booth design we intend to achieve an attractive and functional environment at the same time. Especially companies like STANDECOR, our job is to facilitate the design according to the commercial objectives of the company, brand and the target audience.
Because the visitor who usually goes to the fair or event is very specific in what he is looking for.
A stand usually provides visitors with the keys to find what they are looking for through a clear and precise level of visual information. Therefore, it is important that there is no excess of information so as not to confuse or saturate visitors.

As for the architecture of the stand or point of sale is concerned, there is a lot to talk about. We can look for the visual impact by means of giant Led Wall. This way we can use visual divisions, such as decorative wooden panels. Therefore, we have to be able to differentiate the areas of the stand.

Above all, start with the information point, key to direct the visitor and inform them in the booth design. Then generate areas to show product, spaces for displaying images, meeting areas for commercial agents, a storage room like this to have the promotional material and of course a good bar to please customers or suppliers.
And most importantly, a product display area, whether physical, visual or audio-visual, but if you attend a fair is to sell / display your product or brand.

Specific functions that must be included in a booth design:

The booth design must guarantee an unique image of the exhibiting company, so the visual messages must be clear and direct. The exhibited product or the brand represented design must stand out from the rest of the competition. Give it the love and notoriety it deserves.
This way we can highlight the ideal furniture for the stand in terms of style, color and quality. Similarly, we can supply furniture for rent or manufacture it exclusively for the design stand. This way your space will have exclusive elements that no one else will have in the whole enclosure. We do the custom trade show booth

LED Lighting in a booth design

Another element to consider for the design stand is the lighting. In this case, at STANDECOR we only use LED lighting. It offers us low consumption, so we save costs to the exhibitor in terms of electricity consumption and power of the electrical panel. There is a great variety of tones, the most used are the warm light 2700K, the neutral light 4500K and the cold light 6000K, the last one in STANDECOR is the mostly used.

To make design stands outstand from the rest by having LED spotlights up to 300W. Therefore we use the powerful LED spotlights for general lighting. And in the different areas we use other intensities and even colors, through LED RGB strips or LED RGB filters. We love the Neon flex so we get the attention of the visitor.

In the most specific points of sale the lighting must be worked in the smallest detail.

3d exhibition stall design


Therefore, in the booth design we also carry out an architectural study of the space to be exhibited. We study the objective public and the adjacent stands. It is also very important to know the location of the stand, it is not the same in the main corridor or entrance as being located in a corner of the fairgrounds or conference center.

Preparing the fair for a booth design.

It is always basic before contracting a design stand that you have prepared all the strategy to participate in the fair, trade show, congress, event, exhibition… Because it is essential to have studied the actions and elements that the Pre-Fair requires.

Goals and objectives. Therefore select the best team of stands builders. For example the potential market, production and supply capacity. In addition to determining a sufficient and well located stand space. After that we elaborate a budget, publicity and promotion and finally contact with potential clients.

The actions you will carry out at the Fair, both customer service and product preparation to have well identified and presented the products and a pre-established presentation of the company. Study the competition, make demos and distribute promotional material effectively and to collect the data of the people who visit the booth.

And finally the work to be done at the Post-Fair. Therefore manage the information captured. Because you must know the return on investment, number of contacts made, orders signed, contacts converted into sales …

In conclusion, if you are interested in hiring a design booth or if you are a student and want to learn with us. CONTACT US NOW.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a stands for MWC, Fitur, Seafood Global, ISE, Alimentaria, Cevisama and more At Gran Via Exhibition Center Barcelona, Bilbao Exhibition Centre, IFEMA Trade Fair Madrid, Feria Valencia.