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The modular exhibition stands and shell scheme are a very profitable, intelligent and sustainable type of stand for both for the exhibitor in rental mode and for the buyer in sales mode. A profitable, intelligent and sustainable solution. This type of product is easy to assemble and can be adapted well to different spaces, allowing for a more efficient assembly. Because it facilitates the profitability of the event with its quick assembly and disassembly. In addition, this system can be adapted to many spaces. In conclusion, it is a product made mainly with aluminium profile, easy to install and transport. Because you have the option of requesting a price and buying a shell scheme stand, ask us about selling modular stands for fairs.

modular exhibition stands

What kind of stand do we call modular exhibition stands?

What is known as an ephemeral structure with walls and displays made of lightweight materials, mainly the aluminium profile.

Therefore they are considerably lighter than the design ones. They are very easy and versatile to install is the king of modular exhibition stands.


Schell Scheme

Shell scheme is a term used in the exhibition industry to describe a modular stand system supplied to exhibitions. Normally, a shell scheme system comes in modules 1m L x 2.5m H that can be built to almost any size.
shell scheme_modular_stand

Partners of Aluvision

Standecor is distributors of the latest construction system for shell scheme stands with aluminium frames.

The innovative Aluvision aluminium framed system offers comprehensive solutions for sustainable stand design.
Thus, it is used for trade fairs, LED walls, hanging signs, displays and interior decoration.

Its strengths are durability, reusability, flexibility and modularity.

The strategy we follow in the decoration of the reusable and sustainable stand is clear.


Is it a good option to rent or buy?

They are a good rental option for companies that cannot or do not want to make big investments in this area and still want to show a professional and attractive image that can be adapted to different scenarios.

If that’s your case, explore the options. It may be the ideal solution for your company.
The ability to help the company’s staff to assemble and disassemble significantly reduces cost savings. You can always update it with new parts, prints etc. Because if necessary you can add different modules later if desired.
They are versatile and comfortable. If you want to know the price to buy, contact us.

In the purchase option, the objective remains the same. Reduction of costs.

Therefore, being the same objective what differs from renting, is that it requires to use it often to recover the investment. In addition, today there are excellent models to buy, for example see our page sustainable stands.


What is the purchase price of a  modular exhibition stands?

There are different kinds of  modular exhibition stands. Therefore, their price is also different. Furthermore, the stand pack that a Fair Organizer hires is not the same as one from the Aluvision brand.

The best step is to contact us and we will inform you which model or type of stand is the most appropriate for your interests.

Nowadays we offer the option of sale. Because it is increasing its demand, for example in various countries like USA or UK among others, every day are more used.

Because of the increasing need of the exhibitor to make profitable his participation in fairs and to reuse the structures, walls, prints, lights and floors.

Features you should know before choosing a model.

Excellent Modularity and perfect combination of its elements.

The evaluation of the different elements that can be combined and whether they can be used depends on the surface area of metres contracted and where the stand will be located.

Because it’s interesting, you may want to consider whether you can add new modular elements as your space or needs increase and you can use a larger stand.

Or by the variety or uniqueness of the specific events that require it.

Modularity should always be considered with the aluminium profile. As well as different types of spaces to be able to always exhibit a visually attractive stand, actively attracting the attention of the public. 


Easy Assembly and disassembly and excellent customisation

This is one of the reasons why this option is very cost-effective. Therefore, it is important that you look for simple solutions in this regard.

Choosing a standard model does not mean that you are renting or buying for a plane and impersonal design.

Opt for tight solutions that allow you to interact with visitors and show the offer or area of your company that you are most interested in at any fair or event. And, of course, make sure your brand and/or logo are clearly visible.

Issues such as good visibility of graphics, screen space or product display if your stand needs it, are the most important points to consider.

Your design should be adapted to the requirements of your company so that it can achieve the desired performance in each situation that requires its assembly.

Pluses and minuses of choosing modular exhibition stands

Firstly its profitability in the medium and long term, always and when you reuse it.

Assembly and disassembly faster and easier

The assembly and disassembly is much faster and easier than wooden, glass or methacrylate stands.
You can assemble it quickly and dismantle it in a few hours.
Another benefit is the space it occupies, approximately 1/4 of that of a wooden stand. This also saves money at every fair. It is fast and agile.
Now, knowing all that has been explained, the time has come to decide if it is your best option. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the shell scheme, whether it is for rent or purchase.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a stands for MWC, Fitur, Seafood Global, ISE, Alimentaria, Cevisama and more... At Gran Via Exhibition Center Barcelona, Bilbao Exhibition Centre, IFEMA Trade Fair Madrid, Feria Valencia.