Yesterday June 20, 2020, the Government of Spain announced that Trade Fairs and Congresses are returning. And stand construction is back!

How many times throughout history? Always coinciding with crises of different kinds because the viability and effectiveness of trade fairs have been questioned ? The construction of design stands at trade fairs and congresses is essential for the success of your participation.

Currently with the Propagation of COVID-19, we have seen how our sector was totally and abruptly paralyzed but the controversy broke out before the cancellation of MWC 2020 in Barcelona. Many of us believed in the news that this was like the flu but stronger. Although we understood the concern so we believed that it could be a somewhat exaggerated measure. The confusion gave rise to comments and opinions of all kinds, divided us into detractors of the measure and defenders of it. In a few days, the worldwide proliferation of the virus caused the continuous cancellation of Trade Fairs and Congresses, forced us to paralyze the assembly of design stands in Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, etc., until we reached the total cancellation of events worldwide.

At STANDECOR, we study each case and offer our clients personalized solutions for each stand that we were unable to set up. Storing and saving all the material until new assembly dates.

Because it is now, after the almost total paralysis of the economy and seeing the economic consequences and we have seen what it entails for companies, when we see the importance and the need to attend national and international fairs.  Because to present new products, or to organize events to unite and retain customers. Little by little, as we try to return to normality, companies feel, even more eager than ever, the need to manifest their presence. They need to make it known that they are still here wanting to continue growing and overcome this situation.


To do this, at STANDECOR, we want to help you by offering our turnkey stand construction and when our clients decide to participate in a fair, they only have to think about their product and their organization, so we take care of presenting you the best ideas for your stand at the Trade Fair so we just need to know your needs, and from there we take care of the rest.

And understanding that major events represent a viral concern but the cancellation also has repercussions. That is why, at STANDECOR, we are already working with the new exhibition calendar, offering our real solutions for the assembly of stands.

Our team is ready to offer a stand design, manufacture and assembly service in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao … and as soon as borders open, go to the main European trade fairs, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, etc. We are ready for stand construction.

Although virtual events can be a specific help for exhibitors so they do not miss the opportunity to connect with their clients. They have not yet demonstrated the necessary convening power. Thus generating the type of sales opportunities, or fostering the type of trust that is needed to convert potential clients into clients. Now is the time, more than ever, to consider the construction of your stand. Fully personalized, a design stand, whether for rent or purchase, reusable and sustainable stand.

We can let COVID-19‘s fears settle. We cannot allow this industry to be paralyzed, we must go back and demonstrate that face-to-face marketing, our industry, is alive.

At STANDECOR we defend the power of trade and professional fairs. It is the best business development tools available, events are deeply essential economic generators for our country.

Contact us if you need a stand construction. HERE