We use the latest materials technologies for Led Lighting, Led Structures, Truss, Sinks and Compressed Air Connections.


Standecor has a very extensive technical service. Our spotlights are 100% leds so obtain a very important energy saving, to lower your bill in electricity consumption. We can affirm that our variety of led spotlights, led curtains, neon flex led, plugs, truss structure are the best on the market. From supplying rails with latest generation rotating 25W LED spotlights for modular stands to 300W LED spotlights for exhibition design stands with aerial lighting.

Don’t worry, with us you will see and be seen, we do not skimp on lumens.

Our professionals will take care of the supply and installation and will always be by your side.


Standecor carries out water installations and plumbing works in its domicile, premises, work center and in the venue.

We provide the appropriate service for your needs. Our personnel is fully qualified and entitled to will advise you on all the details.

In the fairgrounds we carry out the installation of water and the supply of the sink, much cheaper than the official service fee of the fairground. But they do not allow us to offer the water supply, because the fairgrounds have their official suppliers.

With Standecor you will have your water and sewer installation in perfect condition. With sinks in excellent condition.

Also if you require compressed air installation, trust us.

Don’t waste any more time and contact us now.